The Issue:

The client has a number of departments and resources within their office environment, and, for budgeting purposes needed a way to forecast the number of hours applied to any given job, which was the responsibility of various project managers within their firm.  Each project manager would provide a forecast to their central office, who would then import the data into their Excel workbook.  The program would then report the data on a week-to-week rolling basis, summarizing all requirements, such as vacation time, time worked on a given project, and other various office tasks.  The intent being to facilitate billing and early detection of potential areas of concern regarding good use of time by employees.

The Solution:

A C# Excel Add-in was written to consolidate the data, maintain employee and project manager lists, team assignments, and project numbers.  Then, the data would be imported and updated as needed.  The program would automatically massage that data and output the results in a readable and understandable form the customer could use.

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