Latest Seat Projection

Update: Forgot to mention the source of this data:  Abacus.  Poll date: August 31, 2015.  Map colours also updated to make things easier to understand, and added an additional map. (September 5, 2015)  Note to mobile users:  This program isn’t perfect for you, yet; but I will be adding that functionality in due time. I…

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A number of years ago, I wrote a Java application which was designed to convert CSV to XML format.  The trick being to create an efficient, effective XML document based on the headers of the CSV data. It didn’t turn out well, but I ended up with something that worked and got me started into…

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Excel VBA, SOAP, XML and SharePoint – Verify a File Exists (Updated July 25, 2013)

This last week I have been hard at work on a project for a client.  Essentially, the client needed an excel macro which would accomplish this:

1. Open a worksheet found in a predetermined location on a SharePoint Server.
2. Do some stuff with it.
3. Save the worksheet back to the SharePoint Server.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?  SharePoint is Microsoft, Excel is Microsoft, you’d think the two would talk to each other easily; or that Microsoft would build in various classes and methods associated to make linking Excel to SharePoint simple.

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