For the last few months, I have been very angry and bitter about an action a certain group has committed against me. I have come to realize that I am, by being angry and bitter, merely granting these people the power to hurt me over and over again.

I, here and now, withdraw that power from you. What you did was wrong, unjustifiable, and beyond the pale, however, as of this moment, I give you no more thought. You have no name. You have no power. You are meaningless.

I will take no action, yet I will not cover for you either. If anyone asks me about what happened, I may, or I may not, choose to discuss it.  You have no power.  You have no control.  I alone will decide if, and when I will discuss it.  If I choose to discuss it, I will speak truth.  By making this decision, I reclaim my freedom. You are nothing.

Your actions taken against me and, by your own admission, against others, will, eventually, catch up with you, yet I will not lift a finger against you, now, or in the future. Any negative consequences that fall upon you will be a direct result of your actions, but will not be brought about by any action on my part. Don’t flatter yourselves: you aren’t important enough.

When that day comes – and it will – know this: I will not give you a moment’s thought; because I now serve you a dish.  I serve it deliberately, knowing that there is nothing further you can do to hurt me.  I serve it knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, and I serve it with the satisfaction of knowing you are aware who served it to you.  I serve it cold.  It is my revenge:

I forgive you.

PS: If you think you know what this is about, you might want to listen to a certain song released by Carly Simon back in 1972.

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