Well, it’s over.

Thank God for that.

Danielle Smith is the new Leader of the Wildrose Alliance. It’s no secret that I’m pleased by the result, and I believe that a new era of Alberta Politics is about to begin.

Alberta is governed by dynastic regimes – the United Farmers of Alberta (1921-1935), then the Social Credit Party (1935-1971), then the Progressive Conservatives (1971-Present).

It is high time for Regime Change in Alberta. The Progressive Conservatives used to be conservative. Now, they’re not much more than Liberals wearing blue ties. They govern like Liberals; and they’re spending like New Democrats.

So it’s time.

I have to say I think Mark Dyrholm is a class act. I wasn’t there, but I’m told he came up on stage and announced that Smith had won; and he had asked that the counting of the ballots be stopped.

Good job, Mark. I tip my hat to you.

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