I’ve been thinking. Yes, it’s dangerous but it’s what I do.

In my (admittedly limited) conversations with people from the Mark Dyrholm campaign, there have been references to some form of “purge” afoot.

A Facebook chat I had weeks ago with Craig Chandler comes to mind. In that chat, Craig references information I am “not privy to.” Sure. Hidden agendas and veiled threats. Innuendo and whispers.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Craig’s personality style has made him enemies. So it wouldn’t surprise me to find he had received some nasty emails or phone calls. However an active, deliberate “purge” of a contingent of party members? That’s a bit far fetched.

The reality is that the “purge” notion is an excuse. A front. A justification to explain reasons why Dyrholm might not be elected Leader. It’s an interestinn strategy. If Dyrholm wins, it’s a victory against prejudice and shady tactics. If Dyrholm loses, it’s because of a hidden agenda to “purge” certain elements from the Wildrose Alliance.

This is yet another reason to simply support Danielle Smith. I have no time or patience for perpetual professional victims with a conspiracy-theory mindset.

Chandler is his own worst enemy, and he’s taking a good person – Mark Dyrholm – down with him.

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  1. I remember a conversation I had with Craig Chandler about an op/ed article he had written for publishing.

    He was complaining that various comments within that unpublished op/ed had been published out of context.

    Then one read the op/ed to find out that the quotation was contextually sound.

    Craig Chandler seems to want to believe at all times that people are out to get him. If it isn’t elements within his party, it’s the media.

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