Well the debate is over. Afterwards the candidates hung around chatting with the attendees. Danielle sat up at the front, relaxed and informally visiting. Mark wandered around, schmoozing and talking about the issues.

Jeff Willarton conceded and endorsed Craig Ch- oops I mean Dyrholm.

So now we are down to two candidates, which makes the race that much more interesting.

And with that, this I’m signing off. Thanks to Leigh for letting me liveblog on his site as well.

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  1. Thanks Mang!

    Dyrholm will make an excellent MLA but he should not be leader.

    His campaign reminds me a lot of the Student Union president races I saw in University. That is, hokey signs and slogans, and lots of legwork.

    It is all well and good and I truly respect Mark and what he stands for. But it seems very amateurish. We need a leader that is a premier in waiting, someone that will hit the ground running. I think the way this campaign is being run is very representative of how the candidate will act as premier.

    Danielle sent me a personal letter thanking me for my support. Her website is clean, focused and informative. Again, this is the kind of professionalism we need in a leader.

    Mark’s latest letter to me was basically an essay (much like the last letter sent) that looked as if a teenage went nuts with the Italics and Underline button. And I’m sorry to say I didn’t even read much of it, it was that boring and I am one of the original Reform supporters. Also, it was simply addressed to “Supporter” with my name on the envelope (actually it wasn’t my name since my middle name is not my riding association???).

    What do you learn in marketing classes? You grab the reader’s attention in 3 seconds and you hold it. You don’t make them read a book no matter how well written it is.

    The WAP needs a sensible choice, a leader that can bring people into the fold, a leader that will inspire and grow the party. Again, Mark will make an excellent MLA, but we needs Danielle as leader.

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