I’m going to link to another blog site – Leigh Patrick Sullivan, a writer who lives up in the Edmonton area (but I won’t hold that against him.)

In his blog entry, Leigh points out a number of concerns surrounding , Mark Dyrholm, rival to Danielle Smith in the Wildrose Alliance leadership race here in Alberta.

Just to be clear, Mark Dyrholm is a fine and decent individual. A honest, hard-working Albertan who has a sincere devotion to his family, career, and a love for his home province, Alberta.

Dyrholm would make a good leader of the Wildrose Alliance. I have no doubt that Dyrholm would do an excellent job as a MLA and Leader. Danielle Smith would do it better.

Leigh makes a very valid point in his article. Dyrholm’s “Strategy-Coalition-Outreach” representative, Craig Chandler has an extremely high profile. In and of itself, it is what it is. However, Chandler’s presence is becoming more and more prevalent in the campaign. So much so, it is becoming difficult to discern who the real candidate is. Chandler is a very in-your-face person. He has an opinion, and is not shy about expressing it.

Sadly, however, as I said above, Chandler’s gregarious personality is really starting to overshadow Mark Dyrholm. Chandler has appeared on Michael Coren’s TV show, and has phoned in to various radio call-in shows, speaking about the Dyrholm campaign. Where was Dyrholm? Most likely, Dyrholm was off doing some other campaign event, or preparing for one, but what image does this present?

Should Dyrholm win the leadership of the party, where would that put Chandler? Would Chandler find himself in a position of strong influence? More than likely. Should, further on down the road, Dyrholm become Premier, where would that put Chandler? Who would really be Premier? Dyrholm or Chandler?

Craig Chandler is a find and decent, honest, and hard working individual — but Dyrholm is being lost in the shadow of Chandler’s personality.

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  1. Craig Chandler is “a fine, decent, HONEST” person?

  2. Let’s be blunt: Everything about Craig Chandler is big. He’s a big guy, with a big personality, big ego, big voice, and big opinions.

    Lots of people don’t like Craig’s style, because he bulldozes over them.

    None of that, however, is a reflection of Chandler’s base character. You can bulldoze over people, have a big ego, opinions, voice, etc, and still be a fine, decent, and honest person. You may make enemies, but you’ve still got integrity.

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