Tonight, Albertans squandered a wonderful opportunity.  Imagine a land of hope.  Of dreams.  Of freedom.

Now take that image and set it on fire – because that’s what Albertans did tonight.  By re-electing a Progressive Conservative government, Albertans set this province back 20 years.  Albertan voters elected a party that has been bullying and intimidating doctors, nurses and school boards.  A party that struck a committee that didn’t meet for more than three years, and then set up the compensation structure to include “bonus” pay for sitting on the committee.  A party that gave their cabinet ministers a 30% raise on a whim.

Well, Albertans have spoken.  I disagree – entirely – with their choice; but this is a democracy.  So, Albertans will have to be punished for their stupid decision.

Oh no, not by me.  I won’t be lifting a finger (except for exploring real estate in Saskatoon) to do anything to Albertans for their decision.  I will leave Alberta to suffer the consequences of their actions.


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  1. Now I will join your chorus of “Worst Premier ever”. When Redford brings back a progressive income tax in three years I hope most Albertans will learn a lesson. Listen to what a politician says — they may actually mean it.

    I surmise that half of The Pcs support came from liberals and those who are uninformed and rarely change their vote.

  2. You do run a pretty self important and influential blog, one that only your family members end up commenting on. It’s like a code family dinner!

    I don’t want to sound mean dude but if you really want to move to saskatchwan then you should. I welcome you to experience the crime and inflation and real estate values in saskatoon, but it will be all worth it to experience your brand of “conservatism”. One that has been comprehensively rejected by Albertans, and frankly by the smart and intelligent, your words, leader of your favorite provincial politics, now that she lost that is.

    Peace out man, have fun in Saskatoon!

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      No, really. I mean it.

      Okay, not really…

      … what a shining example of the tolerance and respect those of you on the so-called “left” espouse to believe in. The “tolerance”, for example, of supporting people who advocated punishing a man for expressing his religious opinion; and the “respect” you show people by suggesting only my own family reads my blog. I must have a big family, given the massive who read my entry, “Ten reasons I am voting Wildrose.”

      But please, don’t let the facts confuse you. Be it 4 or 40 years, freedom will always triumph over tyranny. Why? because we are programmed by our genetic computer to seek freedom and abhor enslavement. You are supporting an unnatural and harmful way of living, and it will always – always – fail.

      All the best, though. I haven’t left Alberta yet…

  3. I guess we will see Steve.

    I have faith, not in some supernatural god, but in innate human compassion ,something social conservatives seem to want to supress.

    That is what is unnatural.

    1. Social conservatives are not really much different than anyone else. Sure, some are quite hard lined Christians, some oppose gay marriage and abortion, but I think most are just like you and me – think homosexual behaviour is immoral, but wouldn’t lift a finger to legislate morality.

      A lot of the time, it seems that free speech and expression is a one-way street. That isn’t true freedom. If you want I express your opinion freely, that freedom also has to extend to opinions you don’t like – like Alan Hunsperger’s blog post.

  4. No problem with his blog post he can say what he wants, have an issue with him representing my interests in government. Huge issue.

    1. That’s what the election was for. The people decided upon someone else to represent them in the Legislature. That’s perfectly fine.

      However you need to understand this – the legislature is not government. You have absolutely no say in who sits at the Cabinet table, elected MLA or not (and one need not be an elected MLA to be in Cabinet, as the Premier and Cabinet are all appointed by the Queen.)

  5. Steve when you start using semantics to somehow prove your point I know it’s time to end this discussion…

    1. My point was that even if elected to the Leg, there would be no guarantee he would be in government, which, is what your concern seems to be. Not that I see the connection between religious opinion and ability to do one’s job as a manager of a department, but whatever.

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