“They are piling their lies upon their lies. They are unable to stop to lie. Canadians will never accept that, it’s not the way we should have an election.”

Thus spake Stephane Dion on Day 2 of our current election campaign. Instead of going on an attack of his own based upon fact (the Harper government has a record now; one you actually can attack) he whines about the way the Conservatives are playing the game, and accuses them of lying.

Which they aren’t, by the way.

Dion is referring to the Conservative’s accusation that Dion said he’d consider raising the GST (true,) and end daycare subsidies (he voted against it and critisized it repeatedly.).

So Dion doesn’t even have truth on his side.

But he whines the Conservatives aren’t playing by his rules.

Of course they aren’t. They’re playing by THEIR rules – playing out a strategy that will win them the election.

But Dion can’t place all the blame on the Conservatives for a bad first couple of days. Earlier, “Mr. Green” Dion didn’t know what a “carpool” was.

And this guy wants to be Prime Minister?

My prediction for the end result:

Conservatives, approx 170 seats, NDP, approx 50, Liberal, approx 45, and BQ approx 43.

It may be close, but I do think the NDP will take over as Official Opposition. The Liberal Party will end up folding (like it should) due to bankruptcy, and Canada will finally return to the glory it once had.

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