The other day, as I am prone to do, I was involved in a Twitter debate with a Torontonian over something to do with politics.

Torontonians are an interesting breed.

Yes. I said “breed.”

It might have something to do with the water they drink (given it’s from Lake Ontario, it doesn’t surprise me) but Toronto is almost monolithically Liberal.

It shouldn’t come as too much a surprise, given Toronto is also host to the Liberal Party’s official propaganda arms, both broadcast (the CBC) and print (the Toronto Star). Both groups will vehemently deny such a claim, of course, but one can’t judge based on words. One must judge on actions, and the journalistic and editorial style of both back up my claim.

As the discussion progressed, my opponent finally used a common Liberal cliche. Paraphrased, the statement is, “this is Canada, and in Canada we do things this way.”

How patronizing. How condescending.

Just because things are done a certain way, or follow a certain ideology doesn’t mean that it’s the right way, or that there can’t be an improvement.

A similar condescending statement occurs when a policy is proposed, the critics leap all over it claiming the change would be

Just because (a) the US does something does not mean it’s wrong, and (b) not all changes are bad or US-style. Every so often, the Americans do have a good idea.

So, when you’re arguing, give a real argument. Don’t patronize me. You’re better than that.

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