Over seven days, I am watching a story from the revived Doctor Who series and writing my thoughts about it.

The Impossible Astronaut ・The Day of the Moon
The Rebel Flesh ・The Almost People
A Good Man Goes to War ・Closing Time
The Wedding of River Song


A malevolent race of aliens that erase themselves from your memory the moment you look away.  Strange invitations to attend a ceremony of sorts.  The Doctor gets shot twice, the second time during the regeneration sequence, killing him.  Jim the Fish, Adolph Hitler, a strange child, Amy Pond’s daughter, and Richard Nixon.

The sixth season of the revived Doctor Who series expands even further on the idea of a running storyline throughout.  This time, it deals with the identity of River Song, the relationship between Amy, Rory and The Doctor, and the apparent death of The Doctor himself.

Melody season 6

This is an even more difficult reflection to write than yesterday’s, simply due to the sheer number of episodes that cover various elements of this storyline.  Some episodes advance the plot-line more than others, but there is a definite beginning, middle, and end to this story.

It all starts in Utah, where the companions – Amy Pond, her husband, Rory Williams, and the enigmatic River Song, all receive TARDIS-

blue invitations.  They meet at a diner, and come face to face with The Doctor, who takes them to a lake.  An astronaut appears, and the Doctor stands up, saying to his companions, “whatever happens, do not interfere.”

doctor oval office

Then he gets shot.  Twice, and dies.  Then he shows up again, younger this time, and the adventures continue.

Once again, we experience some wonderful interplay between the characters, more between the Doctor and River Song:

The Doctor: I am being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed! What’s the point in having you all?

The Doctor: It’s a police box. Can’t you read? I’m your new


undercover agent. On loan from Scotland Yard. Code named The Doctor. These are my top operatives. The Legs, The Nose and Mrs. Robinson.
River: I hate you.
The Doctor: No you don’t.

The Doctor: Doctor Song, you’ve got that face on again.
River: What face?
The Doctor: The “He’s hot when he’s clever” face.
River: This is my normal face.Lets Kill Hitler The Doctor: Yes it is.
River: Oh, shut up.
The Doctor: Not a chance.

River: What are you doing?
The Doctor: Helping!
River: You’ve got a screwdriver! Go build a cabinet!
The Doctor: That’s really rude!
River: Shut up and drive.


This season is, in my opinion, even better than the last one.  I was wondering how Doctor Who was going to top the fifth season, and it certainly did, ending on a huge question for the seventh Season.  The question which must never be answered:

Doctor Who?

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