Step 1: Solve a non-problem with a new government program.

It doesn’t matter that the solution is not to any particular problem; but, by golly, governments do things better than individual citizens, so we need a solution!

Step 2: Tax People to pay for Solution found in Step 1.

Government programs need bureaucrats to administer them, and the various items to enable them to do their jobs – cubicles, desks, computers, email accounts, paper, pens, etc. These things take money. The citizenry is the money supply.

Step 3: Notice that People are having problems.

Not realizing that the taxes imposed in Step 2 are causing people to have less income and thus spend less, causing a strain on the economy. Not noticing that the taxes imposed in Step 2 are making it necessary for two parents, rather than one parent to go to work, determine that times are tough, and thus people are having trouble making ends meet.

Step 4: Solve the problems in step 3 with more big government social programs.

Perhaps, for example, because families now need two parents working, the country needs a national daycare program. Set up requisite bureaucracy to administer the programs solving problems identified in Step 3.

Step 5: Tax people to pay for Step 4

Step 6: Go back to Step 3 and repeat.

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