Plugging the latest Ipsos Reid numbers into an election prediction algorithm is fun, can be extremely tricky, probably wildly inaccurate, and yields some very interesting results:


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  1. 15-20 tops for the extremist and negative Wildrose. Hardly an objetctive “analysis” in this video.

    1. Actually, Joe, the analysis is completely objective. I put no partisanship or personal bias into calculatig the numbers. It is totally objective on that part.

      It isn’t my fault you don’t like the prediction.

  2. Bold prediction! But with the amount that political momentum is shifting to the Wildrose, it may come true.
    How much of that momentum is concentrated in Calgary is the question. I suspect the election will be close and if the PCs somehow manage to win they will still continue bleed support, members and MLAs.
    I disagree with the “Worst Premier ever” statement though. — She has not had a chance to govern.
    While I disagree with her progressive agenda she has waited until an after an election to implement it.

  3. She’s had all kinds of chance to govern – she has steadily moved us further and further away from a province of personal responsibility to a nanny state. From the 0.05 alcohol law (which, based on all the charts I have seen is equal to two or more glasses of wine in an hour – a night out with obe’s spouse) to dictating the official moral curriculum provided to home-schooled children during education time (thankfully they fillibustered their own bill.)

    23 cases of accepting illegal donations… the list goes on.

    Worst. Premier. Ever.

    Now, to your first point, I found an error in the prediction – I’m going to post a video about it tomorrow morning – so my prediction is “less bold” than originally thought.

  4. I predict that Alberta Liberals under Sherman will get a strong majority gov’t. The Wildrose are wild rednecks; the PCs are corrupt; the NDP if too lefty. This is the most unpredictable election. No one can make a serious prediction. So, I can predict a Liberal minority/majority government.

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