Yesterday, we went crabbing.

Catching crabs isn’t that easy after all. (You’re all sickos, by the way…)

You drive down to Port Germain, which is down on the seaside, and then walk out along a mile-long jetty as the tide is coming in. The water carries the crabs with it, so you bait your nets and wait for the crabs to swim in.

In clear water, that makes perfect sense, because you can see when the crabs are there. Yesterday, the water was quite murky, and you have to hope and guess as you pull the nets up to check them.

So we walked out to the end of the jetty, bait the nets, and settle down to wait for a few minutes. It was then that we noticed how hard the wind was actually blowing.

At one point, our guide (and also a close friend of my wife) looked at me and said, “I love this, it’s nice and relaxing” just as a seagull passed overhead, flying backwards.

The wind must have been at least 20 knots, and constantly blowing.

About an hour and a half, and a measly five crabs later, we all packed up, hiked back down the jetty and met with a nice young lady who had been to KFC and picked up the Cricket Box of goodies for us. She then left saying, “No, it’s too cold for me”

So we ate our KFC, and then went home, cleaned the crabs and ate them.

So that was crabbing.

Today is cricket, and then more cricket, and then more cricket (read my blog about cricket) and tomorrow is wine-tasting in the Clare Valley.

Fortunately, I won’t be driving tomorrow.

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