In my last post, I said I hoped I was wrong – and I was.  I predicted a Liberal minority government.  I’m working my way through the results, comparing my projections against the actual results, and I’ll put that analysis up later, but for now, I want to get my fingers on the keyboard and write some thoughts about the country that I used to be proud to call my home.

I’m not proud of Canada any more.

In fact, I’m now ashamed to call myself Canadian.

Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister Designate (once Harper makes it official, which is inevitable given the new makeup of the House of Commons), is going to harm Canadian families by cancelling the income splitting program.  This will force parents who have chosen to stay home with their children back out into the workforce.

That’s bad enough; but Justin is also promising to jack up taxes on the “Top 1%” of the population, and cut taxes to the middle class.  Being a member of the middle class, I’m not complaining about a reduction in taxes, but jacking up taxes on those with the largest pool of money available to invest in the economy, creating business and jobs, that’s just insane.  Justin is punishing people for being successful – and that’s a terrible thing to do.  We should be celebrating success, not punishing it.

2015062354is-p181But the main reason that I am ashamed to call myself Canadian is this:  Isis.

643176-thumb-300xauto-554304isis-killing-christiansJustin Trudeau once suggested that the way to deal with Isis is to drop parkas on them so they can have a warm coat to live through the cold winters in that part of the world.isis-crucify-youth-602x400

Trudeau is thus on record as opposing the combat mission in Isis-controlled territory.
Let’s be blunt:  Isis are evil.  They are from the pit of hell.  They are killing people, brutally, painfully, and publicly.  Isis douses people with gasoline and sets fire to them.  Isis puts explosive collars around peoples necks and blows their heads off.  Isis stuffs people into cars and then launch rocket-propelled grenades into them.  Isis stuffs people into cages and then slowly lowers the cage into a pool, leaving the people to drown.  Isis hauls homosexuals up to the tops of tall buildings and then throws them off, to fall to their deaths.

Isis is evil; and Justin doesn’t want Canada to lift a finger to stop them.

And that is wrong.

By electing a Liberal Majority today, Canadians turned their backs on the victims of Isis.  Canadians collectively said that Canada should ignore their plight, and not lift a finger to help them.

And that is disgusting.

So – what to do?

I’m calling for a strike.   If you are a producer, stop.  If you are a business owner, close it.  If you own a warehouse, liquidate it.  If you are an inventor, stop inventing.  If you are an oil driller, cap off your wells.  If you are a miner, flood it.

Just stop.

Stop producing.  Stop trading.  Stop buying.  Stop selling.

Just stop.

Collapse the economy.  Teach those who think the world owes them a living a real lesson in the way of the world.


And leave.  Go.  There are other places in the world that are far more business-friendly than Canada is now.  Go there.  Start up your business there.  Be successful.

But ignore Canada.

If you just cannot go; then do what you can here.  Stop buying anything Canadian.  Stop selling anything to Canadian residents.  Do no business with Canada.

I know that’s what I’m going to do: Everything I can legally do to keep my money in my own pocket.  I will do whatever I legally can to shelter it from the government.  I am going to buy nothing unless absolutely necessary from Canadian businesses.  I am going to sell nothing to Canadian residents.

As of this moment, I am on strike.

And I ask you to join me.

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  1. I’m not too sure how you figure collapsing the economy will help at all other than to make our new government look bad in 4 years time. It seems that you are too butt hurt over the results to realize and understand that there is no way that businesses will simply pack up and go home because their candidate didn’t win. You are saying that because things didn’t go your way we should just blow the whole thing up and start again which was Jim Prentice’s reaction a couple of months ago during the provincial election. Maybe you’d care to pack up and move to the USA where things are much more sane and these knee jerk reactions you get caught up in will actually have some traction with folks down there.

      1. Why though? Why not let them show the country they are not ready themselves instead of ruining a lot of peoples lives to do so?

        1. Because it will take four years to bring things to a halt anyway. Possibly longer. And it won’t ruin their lives – not directly, anyway. Also, you’re speaking as if someone else’s life is your responsibility. It isn’t. It’s theirs. You are no more responsible for my life than I am for yours. I can take care of myself, you can take care of yourself. If we interact, we can — and should — do so only in terms of what benefits each of us.

          1. Libs don’t get reality. They haven’t a clue about self reliance.

    1. Ah. You must be one of those non-Conservatives who haven’t learned how to win graciously… Or something.

  2. If you’re ashamed to call yourself Canadian then I guess it’s time for you to leave then huh? The liberals have governed Canada for twice as many years as the Conservatives since Confederation and have built Canada into the Country we are now and you’re ashamed to call yourself Canadian? The only time the Conservatives get into power is when the liberal voters get complacent and don’t get out and vote. The when the Conservatives get in they blow it and wake us up.

  3. Lorne, you are so typical…..Conservative years in power: 74 vs 76 for the libs. Where on earth do you morons come up with your shit? Go on someone ask me my source !

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