AUPE’s Victims

Behold: the Faces of ArtSpace.

ArtSpace is a residential community in Edmonton.  It’s a co-operative housing project.  Approximately 180 people live there.  Some of whom live there with the help of employees of SAIL (Supports for Artspace Independent Living).

SAIL has their own entrance to the building.  In December of 2012, SAIL’s health care workers – who helped these people with their essential living tasks – baths, meals, transfers, etc. voted to certify the Alberta Union of Public Employees, and promptly entered negotiations for a collective agreement.

The negotiations didn’t go well, and ended up at mediation.

SAIL claims the mediator’s recommendation would bankrupt them.

As of May 19th, 2014, AUPE has been legally locked out.  Since then, they have been picketing ArtSpace.  Not SAIL’s office, mind you, but ArtSpace.

During this time, AUPE picketers have used air raid sirens, a bullhorn, and other various strong-arm tactics to intimidate and harass anyone approaching the building.  A child was told, “you have a bad mommy”.  Some residents have been forced to leave due to the noise AUPE is making.  The harassment is unceasing.

It is so bad that some residents of ArtSpace have set up a blog site called ArtSpace Under Siege.  You should check it out.

You should also check out their YouTube Channel.  I don’t have the time to post all of the videos directly, but I’ll post a couple here:

AUPE is targeting the wrong people: the residents of ArtSpace.  AUPE is engaging in harassment, bully tactics, and general public mischief, and is blaming SAIL for refusing to negotiate.

Of course, it actually works to AUPE’s benefit if SAIL goes out of business – because the residents of ArtSpace ~need~ caregivers to survive.  So, if SAIL goes away, Alberta Health Services, AUPE’s biggest “client”, would move in to carry the load, meaning AUPE would win anyway.

If it was up to me, AUPE would have an injunction slapped on them banning them from being within 5 miles of SAIL/ArtSpace.  Then, I’d have those involved the picket line tactics arrested for criminal harassment and assault.  Then, I’d charge the leadership of AUPE with being accessories to the crime – because AUPE is sanctioning and enabling the picketers.

AUPE: A union in need of busting.  The sooner, the better.


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